B.A.P sixth single – Rose

I must admit, B.A.P were one of my most anticipated comebacks this year. Even though Noir was released in November just last year, I was left needing more; maybe because Yong-Guk was on a hiatus due to health reasons, so it just didn’t feel the same without the whole group when promotions came around. Either way, Noir was easily one of my favorite albums of last year so of course I have been highly excited for the release of ‘Rose’ which is the boys sixth single.


Was I let down? Of course not. The Wake Me Up MV has already reached 1 million views since its release on March 6th. The song itself is catchy as hell from the very beginning but I feel as if the tune is overpowered by its lyrics. For something to be so dance worthy, it definitely does convey a powerful message. Yongguk’s line ‘Be aware of the corrupt truth and the outer layer of the broken subjects’ in itself is impactful enough, let alone the rest of the song


Then Dystopia comes around. Immediately from the title I was expecting it to be a lot heavier, and heavier it was. Certainly not able to ignore that rock vibe, particularly the ending which need I say more? This really reminded me of some of B.A.P’s earlier stuff so I was not disappointed. Again, the lyrics are very centered on society, which is an unusual topic to be approached by a K-pop band ‘There’s no utopia, that’s just an escape’ is one of my favorite lines from this track.


It’s always difficult to pick a least favorite, but I think out of the three songs, Diamond 4 ya would be just that. Of course, there’s nothing I actually hate about this song,  it’s another one to add to my playlist and groove to while sliding around on my kitchen floor in socks. However, in comparison to Wake Me Up and Dystopia, this one kinda just doesn’t have the same appeal. It’s a typical song about being love, but that’s not going to stop just how brilliantly it was composed. After all…it’s B.A.P.


So yet again, I’m left thinking just how much I can’t wait for their next comeback. Hopefully with another full length album soon. In the meantime, I hope the boys get some well deserved rest and focus on their health which is more important!


I rate ‘Rose’ 4.5/5 stars


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