GOT7 – Never Ever Discussion

I spent my entire Sunday contemplating if I should even do a discussion on GOT7’s new track Never Ever. I honestly felt as if I couldn’t do it any justice. However, after watching GOT7 multitasking by decorating a cake and singing at the same time, I knew I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

So be prepared for my long rant.

So I’m just gunna start by immediately saying that Never Ever certainly was not my favorite song by GOT7. If I had to choose, I would say the If You Do days were my ultimate jam. Anyway, with that aside, Never Ever starts off with an incredible intro. Yugyeom comes in with loads of catchy English phrases that you can’t help sing along to ‘I’m so sorry’ ‘Are you ready’ and to answer your question, no I was not ready. I have to admit, it took me a second listen in order to decide that I actually like this song. I’m so glad I gave it another chance because I do honestly believe GOT7 are an amazing group, and they deserve a lot of fame and success, not just in Korea, but worldwide too.

BamBam has never really been my GOT7 bias, but my eyes did not want to leave him during that MV. Not to mention his ‘braaaa’ (you know what I’m talking about) will go down in history as one of the most iconic K-pop lines ever. 

Now. Perhaps typically my GOT7 bias is Jackson. So let me tell you. When his deep sensuous voice tells me ‘I’m yours, you’re mine’ Well…It’s definitely possible to fall in love with someone twice. However, I have heard of Jackson’s recent health decline. I believe he is due to be taking a break after being sick and fainting? Not 100% sure about the fainting part, but it is confirmed that he had to leave a fan meeting due to his health. Therefore, I’m glad that he is taking time to recover and I hope he doesn’t worry about the fans because we completely understand. Jackson. You’re health is more important than anything else. Please. Rest.

Other than Never Ever, unfortunately I haven’t gotten round to listening to the rest of the album just yet. (I know I’m such a fake fan) But do not worry, I have full intentions to do so. I know the album is available on UK ITunes for about £7.99 I believe, I have already purchased Never Ever and if I enjoy the rest of the album, I see no reason not to buy the rest of the album, maybe even buy the album in physical copy if I enjoy it so much.

Also. Quick note, the album reached 26 in the UK ITunes charts last I checked, so yay!

But yeah. All in all I have enjoyed GOT7’s comeback, again, not my favorite, but I’m still thoroughly impressed with the quality that the boys always bring and I can’t wait to hear more.




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