Monsta X and their best comeback yet?

Hi, so if anyone happens to be wondering why my blog went so quiet here is the reason why:







After actually hearing Monsta X’s comeback I have to say that so far this year they have to be the most anticipated return for me. I didn’t think I would keep┬áchecking my phone every two seconds looking for updates, or expect how much I would freak out over the teaser photos. I’m not going to lie, I’m actually surprised how excited I was. I’m a BTS girl through and through, so usually nothing can get me hyped up as much as Bangtan but Monsta X were close to doing so.

Initially, I first listened to Monsta X after the release of ‘Hero’which was around winter 2015 I believe…Don’t hold me to that. However, I strongly believe that was the same year as their debut so I’m ecstatic to see that they have kept their same music style and applied it to their new album (which I can’t wait to get my hands on.)

I was so gutted that they released this song when I was at college where my wifi is about as useful as a glass hammer. Luckily, I finish at lunch time today so I was able to rush home (reference to Monsta X song not intended) and play the song ‘beautiful’ straight away. Despite having to fumble around with my headphones which had manged to double knot themselves 50 thousand times, I got there in the end.

So, as I already mentioned they’ve continued their music style of having this really funky, I wouldn’t exactly say rock beat, but it’s definitely like an electro verging on dub-step tune. Honestly, I call myself a reviewer yet I can’t even describe music. Anyway, if you’ve listened to it, hopefully you know what I mean. If not, just use your imagination.

Perhaps what caught my attention the most was the music video and the choreography. I’m so used to seeing Monsta X perform on like rooftops or industrialized estates, but that certainly wasn’t the case here. All of a sudden I’m getting attacked with so many aesthetics and not just by the boys themselves, but like just in general. I was getting EXO’s lotto and lucky one, meets VIXX’s chained up but Monsta X just made it their own and the title of the song really suits the video, let’s just say that.

But damn. That choreography. I mean, we’ve always know that Monsta X are beyond exceptional at dancing but the moves in this MV… I’m still in awe of the unison of it all. I’m seriously at a loss of words here, so I think I’m just going to stop talking.

So to wrap it all up, my expectations have exceeded. I thought Monsta X couldn’t possibly top ‘Hero’ and ‘Stuck’ but here I am being proved wrong yet again.

As always, I hope more people recognize Monsta X and the abundance of talent that they so clearly possess. If you haven’t checked them out yet then please do, by far they are one of my favorite Kpop bands. However, if you do like Monsta X, then please continue to support them in every aspect they pursue.

Check out their new song ‘Beautiful’ below.



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