Monsta X Beautiful Album Review

I was hoping I could avoid doing two posts in relation to each other. However, due to the fact that I have been very busy with coursework and exam prep, I haven’t had time to write as much as I planned to. Luckily, this all changed with the arrival of Monsta X’s first album The Clan Part 2.5: The Final Chapter: Beautiful. 

As soon as their comeback was announced I knew I wanted to get my hands on this album, particularly because I’ve been a huge fan of Monsta X since their debut so I wanted to show my support in anyway possible. Obviously, this lead to the purchase of their album. Now although I knew there was a lot of added extras within the album, I wasn’t quite prepared for everything that I actually received. We’re talking two posters, photo cards of all the members, a separate smaller photo card of one member, a translucent photo card, a lyric booklet, two stickers as well as the actual CD itself. I feel as if I’m missing something, there was just so much I remain overwhelmed. You really don’t get this kind of extras when dealing with Western CDs. Bless K-pop for being so giving and wonderful.


The actual songs on the album themselves are nothing short of impressive. Of course, the title track Beautiful remains as one of my favorites and they do songs such as Oi and Ready or Not which also follows their debut style. On the other hand, they have binary opposites with tracks such as I’ll be there and Need U which a lot slower but still catchy and enjoyable. As of now, I really can’t list my favorites, but the ones that are currently standing out are: Beautiful, Incomparable, Need U, Calm Down (getting those Hero vibes) and All I Do. I mean that’s nearly the whole album so what I’m basically saying is there isn’t a song I don’t like.


Overall Monsta X seem to just be improving on a roller-coaster that is only going up. The Beautiful music video had spot on talented choreography, and the visuals were stunning and beyond professional. I believe they have been reaching global music charts and I couldn’t be happier. (BTW, I was not impressed by the April Fool’s Monsta X tour dates, when I saw London I almost had a heart attack. Please do not to that to me ever again, my fragile heart can’t take it.) Anyway, I look forward to whatever Monsta X do next, I am already anticipating their next comeback. As always, if you haven’t checked them out yet then please do so, linked below is one of the songs that first got me into them.


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