Why BTS are my Ultimate Group.

Hi, so its been a while…a long while. I’ve been extremely busy, but I know I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time. I just always felt as if I wouldn’t be able to express my love for BTS enough. But I’m going to try my best here.

So by now, I’m pretty sure everyone is aware of BTS even if you don’t stan them in the slightest. They’re kinda hard to ignore at the moment. But just in case, BTS are a seven member boy group from South Korea who debuted in 2013 with the song ‘No more Dream’. Since then, their success has only continued to escalate. So much so, that they have currently been nominated for the Top Social Artist at the Billboards!

I first got into K-pop around 2014 so BTS have always had a spot on my playlists. At first, despite discovering Korean music, I still preferred listening to Western artists and felt as if I couldn’t mix the two. Then it turned into 50/50, and now I would say 88% of music I listen to is K-pop, BTS being a huge part of that.

What captures me the most about BTS, isn’t just their music, but their characters. Falling in love with the boys wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for their quirky Bangtan Bombs and amusing tweets. They were the first group that made me take my time to learn all of their names. Looking back, I question how I didn’t see their stark differences in the first place. Each member is so unique in their own way and their talent just exceeds all expectations, most of the time it’s completely overwhelming. For such a long time it was so difficult to choose a bias because every single one of them are amazing. Even now, I will say I’m a Yoongi stan but then Hoseok will come along like the ray of sunshine that he is and make me question everything. Their vocals, their choreography, their dedication and motivation. The fact that they are a family, through and through. They have so much love for the fans, and we have so much love for them. You can just sense the passion and commitment they put into their work. They work so so hard. Sometimes I doubt they even get a change to rest. They always deliver, no matter what. No matter how tired, they will go out on that stage and make sure every.single.person will leave that concert knowing it was the best moments of their lives. I mean, I can’t relate because I live in the UK, and BigHit is unaware of its existence.

(The video that started it all.)

BTS’s music itself. I mean where to start. I don’t think there is a single song that I don’t like. Every single album is a complete masterpiece, and I thank the heavens everyday for Wings because it truly let all the boys show their talent for music. I have never regretted buying a BTS album, NEVER. And I never will. They bring so many concepts and ideas to the K-pop landscape, even beyond that! They are continuously innovating themselves to such a high level. Hell, I have no idea what these MV’s are all about. I mean I’ve read the theories but I’m seriously none the wiser. Regardless, when I receive a BTS album and I’ve got all these posters and stickers and photocards. Like amen. I don’t know what I did to deserve these precious angels, even if I never get to see them live (which would be really fucking shit BigHit,) I am just so thankful to even be alive at the same time as them.

And the fans! Oh the fans, how wonderful you are ARMY. Now I know, no fandom is without faults cause trust me, we have a few. But the support and love I see all the time, over Twitter and Facebook. You are just all extraordinary people. Without K-pop I wouldn’t have met my best friend who is literally the greatest person I will ever have the pleasure of knowing. I have had the privilege of meeting a few ARMY’s in my home city and they have all been so kind and passionate. Every single time we’ve just descended into conversation like we’re not complete strangers who just met three seconds ago in Asda. I’ve met wonderful people online as well who I am grateful to. BTS just bring people together in the most magical way.


Not a single day goes by where I don’t check BTS’s Twitter, in a non stalker way I just wanna see what they’re up to. I am so happy to have found BTS, to be a part of BTS, to even know of BTS. Quite typically, their music has brought me through hard times and their music reminds me of better times. I love seeing them happy and just I’m so proud of how far they’ve come. I mean, the bloody Billboards man.

The Billboards.

If you’re a BTS fan, please please vote. Whether it’s online, or on Twitter, just get going. Even if you’re not a BTS fan, just vote. Cause every vote counts and I have never encountered a group who deserve it more.

BTS are legends. They’re their own people. They make the music that they wanna make and they work so bloody hard to do it. There are not enough words in the English language (and there’s a lot, like at least a quarter of a million) that could describe my wholeheartedly love for the boys and all of their effort.

BTS, I love you. (Europe loves you, notice us)

Signing out with one of my favorite BTS songs, as well as the link to vote!

ARMY forever. x

https://www.billboardmusicawards.com/vote/   – Here is the link to vote BTS for the Top Social Artist! x


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