BLACKPINK’s comeback June 2017

~ Blackpink in your area ~

Hello! It’s been a while…again, I know. But good news! I have officially finished college so I now have plenty of time to rant about all things Korean, starting with Blackpink’s comeback.

So, I was already listening to Kpop around the time that Boombayah and Whistle were first released. I fell in love with both tracks immediately, I mean how could you not? Blackpink for me were instantly unique. The majority of girl groups that I listened to had arguably modest concepts, or seductive concepts; such as one of my favorite girl groups AOA. So at this point I had never fully come across anything like Blackpink before within the Kpop universe. I think they really took a risk by debuting with such a dance, border-line EDM track which wasn’t currently popular within other girl groups so it was a big leap to put them out there so suddenly. With that said, I’m so glad that people received that song and reacted the way that they did. Blackpink were met with nothing but praise and for very, very good reasons.



This band has everything you could ever ask for. Visuals. Choreography. Talent. Aesthetics. Vocals. You name it. It’s no wonder why so many people were anticipating their comeback, especially after the success of Playing With Fire and Stay as well.

My first thought when watching the As If It’s Your Last teaser was visuals. Like damn. I was getting all intoxicated on those pink hues and expensive ass looking columns. Then Lisa shows up with her red hair looking absolutely beautiful as always. The beat in the background reassured me that they weren’t straying too far from their original concept but were still innovating themselves. Then the other members appeared and it kinda kicks in like okay this is truly happening, Blackpink are coming back and are going to drop kick everybody’s expectations. The one thing I will say that let me down in the teaser was that disappointing drop, I was praying to some form of God that that wasn’t actually part of the song in full…and it wasn’t, so I’m thankful, it was even better than I expected.

Today I finished my last ever college exam so when I got home I immediately sat down and full screened the MV in the highest of definitions. I. Was. Not. Disappointed. I felt as if this song had more of a pop tone in comparison to Boombayah but it still worked so well and it definitely showed a new side to the girls. I was pleased to see Jennie and and Jisoo receiving more screen time, they truly deserved it. As always, Rose’s vocals left me speechless and Lisa’s rap was incredible, not to mention, IN FRICKING ENGLISH. I know loads of fans are so happy about that. Just goes to show how talented they all are. For one, the choreography is going to be something I’ll be trying out in the privacy of my own room and failing. I’m not built for the limelight, but I’m so glad these girls were.


Please go check out their new MV and support Blackpink! Linked below. (We’ve already reached 7m views!)


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