Wings Concept Book Unboxing.

You have no idea how much time I spent contemplating whether I should buy this or not. It wasn’t a question of wanting, because I knew I bloody wanted it, the problem was simple…the price.

By far, joining the kpop fandom has to be one of the most expensive moves I’ve ever taken. However, no matter how much you spend on your favorite band it doesn’t define you as their ‘No1 fan’ or ‘make you a better fan than people who don’t buy their merch,’ because that easily isn’t true. Some people just don’t have the money for it. And that’s okay. You can love your favorite band regardless of the amount, or lack of, merchandise you own. NOT SPENDING MONEY DOES NOT MAKE YOU A SHITTY FAN.

With that said, I was aware of the price. I literally searched every single website to try and find the cheapest sum possible but it was still too much. Baring in mind, I’m going to Reading Festival next month and University in September, I was trying to save money like crazy.

But of course, I couldn’t help myself.

Everyone has their passions. Some people spend thousands on replicas of Wizard chess or Millennium Falcons. Me? I spend my money on BTS because kpop is my passion, and there’s nothing else I would rather spend it on. When I go to work and do a 9 hour shift the only thing getting me through that day is the fact that I’m earning money, money which I can spend.

So yes. I was awake at 2am on Monday. I’m like Gizmo (You know from that Gremlins film in 1984) when it goes past midnight, I start acting weird. It’s probably due to sleep deprivation but anyhow, I found myself on eBay and I found myself clicking that little buy now button.


I would regret it however I’m too busy drooling over how beautiful the concept book actually is. I was planning on filming it so I could convey my true emotions but it’s half term, on a Monday, I look like shit and there’s no way in hell I’m wasting my makeup for a short ass video. So you’re getting words instead. Just imagine me crying and jumping around in my hallway with a giant ass box which was heavier than expected.


Firstly I was surprised at how quickly it arrived, it wasn’t due until the 24th so when it turned up today after a week it was magical. Like I said, it was much heavier than expected but to be honest I just wanted to open the thing…which was easier said than done, fricking bubble wrap.

FullSizeRender (3)

BOOM. There it is. Originally I thought the book was in like a white slippy thing, but it’s actually a box which contains the book itself and a little envelope with two photo cards in. As you can see I got the Jimin lenticular. Amusing story that. When I first opened the book I didn’t see it and normally it is placed inside the object. I thought this was a YNWA incident all over again (My photo card never came with the album???) However, later on when I was playing around with the bubble wrap (a child, I know) out it fell bringing me further joy. Thank God I didn’t throw it away.


I think what drew me into buying the concept book the most was just the idea of behind the scenes. I love it when BTS release content never seen before, or content which conveys them as being themselves. This is what this book was all about!


You truly get to see them happy and messing around. One of the things I love most about BTS is who they are as people, so seeing these images of them having fun on set is really something I want to cherish. Wings was an incredible creative comeback so having something like the concept book just adds to its artistic nature. Surprisingly, the theme was quite dark at times especially within the teaser videos, so it’s nice to see this book juxtaposing against the dark with light. You’re basically getting the best of both worlds. Although I’m not fluent Korean and could hardly read a single word, the images and designs were enough to satisfy me.


After seeing it and holding it for myself I can understand why it was so expensive. It’s a masterpiece, just like their songs. So much effort and work went into this comeback and the book allows you to experience that with them. From costumes to storyboards, to lyrics and concerts. Our boys don’t understand the word rest!


The concept book is something I can hold onto forever. Something my kids will find in the attic one day and they’ll ask me what it was all about. Something that will remind me of my passion, of my youth, of something that I can never forget. If I can’t see BTS in person and thank them for everything they have done, without them even realizing it, I at least want to support them and remember them in the only way I know how.

FullSizeRender (4)

So in the end I’m entirely happy that I purchased this. (Excuse my dog in the bottom right, she decided she wanted to be involved.) It’s an incredibly sentimental addition to my growing collection of Kpop merchandise. You truly get to witness all the inside details and I’m a sucker for detail so for me it was a must.


If you have the money I do recommend buying it if you’re sentimental like me, but if not, that’s okay.

Until next time…


P.S, they had it planned the whole time. Look at that logo. Sneaky sneaky.


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