July Favorites 2017

Hello again. I’ve been wanting to do a favorites post for a while now but I’ve never really been motivated to. But here we are! I’ve decided that I’m not going to limit myself to Korean favorites (although they will be mentioned,) I’ve made the decision that I want to talk about a few other things that you guys might have enjoyed this month too. So, here we go.


So as you all may likely know EXO had their comeback this month so of course they’re going to be the first thing I mention. I’m not really involved within the EXO’l fandom as my attention is kinda captured within the ARMY twitter, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love me some EXO. Seriously, whoever thinks this ‘war’ between BTS and EXO is necessary is just ridiculous. YOU CAN LIKE BOTH GROUPS. Jesus Christ. With that said, I found out about their comeback with the release of the teaser trailer and immediately I was so BLOODY EXCITED. As soon as I heard that reggae theme I was ready to drop and devote myself to this comeback and this comeback alone. I ain’t ever seen anyone look so good in a mullet, Baekhyun you are a King.

Honesty alert. It took me three tries to actually like Ko Ko Bop. I don’t know what it was but the first time I heard it, I just wasn’t impressed. But I was like, this is EXO, so I gave it another go, and another. Finally! It got stuck in my head and I realized it wasn’t half bad, although I still probably favor some other songs from the album like ‘What U Do’ ‘The Eve’ and ‘Touch it’. The whole album is just a summery bundle of awesomeness that makes me feel as if it hasn’t been raining in England for the past few weeks. Thank you EXO for bringing the sunshine, you angels.

Anyway. EXO have done me proud again, I mean when will they not?



Aside from EXO there’s really only one other song that I’ve been obsessing over this month and it was released in May so I’m probably late to this. But anyway, that song is eclipse by Kim Lip of Loona. I cannot express how freaking excited I am for Loona’s debut. I find it so amazing how one member gets announced each month with their own solo track and everything. There’s going to be twelve members in total and so far I’m loving every single one of them. I’m seriously struggling to pick a bias, but Kim Lip is a definite possibility.

On the topic of Loona though, Choerry was announced this month so go check out her track ‘Love Cherry Motion,’ it’s so much more than a summer song.



Korean stuff aside, this month I finally got round to seeing Spider-Man Homecoming at the cinema with a group of friends for the bargain price of £4. As quite a big Marvel fan I couldn’t resist a new superhero release.

Going into the movie I didn’t have high expectations, I mean I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Amazing Spider-Man, I didn’t even watch the second one. Bad, I know. But Homecoming was a whole other level! I enjoyed every second, although I felt maybe it was a bit too long. The acting from Tom Holland was just incredible; but the fact that Peter Parker was supposed to be 15 was the most unbelievable aspect of the movie, even with technical super-suits involved. Also the Mary-Jane reference, no. Just no. Overall though, it was incredible and I’m excited to own it on DVD and watch it all over again. At one point I was literally crying of laughter, although that’s also due to my friend laughing, as well as the fact that we couldn’t laugh because we were surrounded by strangers trying to watch a movie. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s a must. Every person I have spoken to so far about it will wholeheartedly agree.

Also! When you watch it, stay right until the end. I mean the very end, until the credits are completely over. You will not be disappointed!



I know, this is probably a strange ‘favorite’ to address. However, I’ve recently made the decision to turn vegetarian and you have no idea how difficult I’ve been finding it. It’s clear to me by now that I have no interest in meat alternatives, like they just don’t taste right to me so I’ve been struggling to find food I actually like. Therefore, I haven’t been eating. Which is incredibly bad, I know. I have been so limited when it comes to lunches and dinners, I never want to see a cheese and marmite sandwich ever again! Luckily for me, I have a Saint for a Grandma. She recently took a trip to Waitrose and found me meals that have no meat substitutes in them such as a vegetable masala and a four cheese ravioli. I’m finally eating again! Since I’m not really a fan of mushrooms and courgettes I have been the most difficult and complicated person to cook or shop for, but no longer my friends, no longer.


At the moment I only appear to be watching Korean dramas with a side of Game of Thrones.

The first drama I started watching this month was The Best Hit/ Hit The Top, starring Yoon-Si Yoon, Kim Min Jae and Lee Se-Young. The plot is basically about a 90’s Korean idol who disappears in his time (1993), and is later presumed dead. However, he has somehow been transported twenty years into the future. From there he encounters people he used to know, people he’s yet to know, and even possibly his son.

From the very first episode I was drawn in. The drama consists of some great humor as Si Yoon’s character tries to learn about technology and culture within modern day Korea. Not to mention, I’m a huge hopeless romantic so I love a bit of romance and this drama has plenty. I think I’m currently a few episodes behind but I have every intention of finishing it because the characters are just incredible and I have no idea how this is all going to end. I’m praying for a nice resolution that I can be happy with, but you never know. Not to mention, nice cameo by Monsta X. I wasn’t expecting it, but I wasn’t complaining, AT ALL. I guess you could say there’s also some mystery in there, after all, there’s a lot of things both the audience and the characters don’t know that is slowly unfolding. I don’t wanna give too much away but hopefully you get my drift.



The next drama I started watching was Bride of the Water God starring Nam Joo-Hyuk and Shin Se-Kyung. I think what interested me the most was the fact that Joo-Hyuk was in this drama, I absolutely adored him in Weightlifting Fairy so I didn’t see why I wouldn’t love him in this.

At first I watched two episodes and kind of stopped, not because it was bad, but because I keep starting dramas that are on-going and while waiting for new episodes I seem to lose interest. Anyway, I don’t learn from my mistakes because I’ve continued watching and the waiting is killing me. Like I mentioned before, I’m a sucker for romance and of course, this drama is just jam-packed with it.

If you didn’t know, the drama is about a water god who travels to Earth in order to find these stones that will enable him to take the throne. In order to do so, he seeks out the help of his servant and destined bride who happens to be a psychiatrist who doesn’t believe a word he says. Of course with this kind of theme, you can expect a lot of fantasy elements and I haven’t been let down by the narrative so far. I want to say it’s a feel good drama, but I don’t know if something dark is lurking around. I mean, there have been hints…



And of course lastly, good Ol’ Game of Thrones and it’s seventh season. I’m pretty sure everyone is aware of Game of Thrones so I won’t take up anymore of your time explaining its long ass plot. I will say however, that it isn’t for everyone. It took me at least three tries before I even got past the first season. However, it is due to be ending soon with only a few seasons left, so if you wanna start watching, now is a good time to catch up before it’s over and everyone moves on.

There is so much more that I enjoyed this month but I can’t physically put it all down. Instead, here are the favorites that really stuck out for me and maybe they did for you?


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